First Date Ideas During the COVID Pandemic Period

COVID Pandemic Period

The pandemic rules for dating are far more stringent than the ones we had before 2020. As such, we have had to come up with a new set of the best first-date ideas to guide people through their dating journey. Not only can we show you how to date during COVID safely, but we can also demonstrate the most effective ways to build love and trust on a website. Although online dating might not be the ideal first date that some people have come to expect, we can still help you make a meaningful connection while remaining safe. Safety is always the most important part of dating, but now it has taken on an added dimension since people can transmit a deadly virus to each other without even knowing that.

We are going to start off by discussing some of the rules that you need to follow when you are on a date, and then it's time to teach you about the best approaches to romance during these troubled times. Whether you are just trying to maintain connections during this time or you are looking to turn toward online dating as your main source of romance, these fun first-date ideas can help you get what you need.

Ready to Date? Remember the Main Rules to Be Safe

Remember the Main Rules to Be Safe

When you meet single people in person or online, you have to establish safe dating rules. While it may seem annoying and somewhat pointless to you, the fact is that changing the way you discover and have dates can make a big difference in your community. You could actually prevent an unnecessary outbreak of the virus.

With all that being said, let's start looking at the main rules to remain safe when you are dating during these troubling times.

Date in a safe environment

When it comes to the best first dates, you have to remember that the greatest dates are the safest ones. You need to have your date in an environment where you can be assured that your own and your partner's safety is not at risk. There are a few approaches that you can take to this. First off, you can always meet people online and host your dates in the digital realm. It's not possible to spread the virus if you're not around other people.

While online romance may be the safest way, there will always be people that feel the need to forge a connection with someone in a more direct way. As such, you should focus on face-to-face dating ideas that will keep you safe.

For example, a lot of people discovered the pleasures of exercising outdoors last year after their local gyms had to shut down. A great way to stay safe on a date is to host it outside while practicing elements of social distancing. The virus is hard to spread outside because sunlight renders it inert rather quickly, and it's even harder to spread when there is space between people.

Outside and online are two great environments in which you can host a date. However, with enough social distancing and safety measures, you can have some dates indoors.

Be sure to wear a mask

The topic of dating indoors leads us to the next biggest safety rule, and that is to wear a mask when you're around someone. Wearing a mask can cut down on the likelihood of transmission between people, and it's a good protective measure. When you are on a date with someone, you should wear your mask and maintain a reasonable distance. This is especially important for people that you just met because you never know whether they had been exposed to the virus before meeting you or not. So, wear a covering for your benefit and theirs.

Zoom date ideas

Zoom date

Now that we have covered some of the most important rules and locations, it's time to think about how you can host a date without being in the same room. Thankfully, many communication programs have improved their platforms enough that they are worth using for dates. For example, Zoom has improved its video calling outcomes in terms of clarity of voice and visuals. That makes it simple for you to take part in many dates.

  1. A great kind of date you can have is a movie-watching experience. Turn on the film at the same time or organize a watch party on some streaming apps and talk to each other through the movie. It will feel like you're watching it together.
  2. Another fun date idea is to find a recipe that you both enjoy online and then video chat while you're cooking the meal and eating it. It's just about the same as going out to eat together.
  3. Lastly, you could complete a project together. Find a painting tutorial video, watch it, and complete it while keeping each other company. Show the finished project at the end.

These are all great Zoom date ideas that you can take part in with someone to make it feel like you're on a more personal date.

Romantic Evening with the Bottle of Good Wine

Romantic Evening

Having romantic dates with partners throughout these difficult times might seem impossible, but it's actually kind of simple. You can invite your partner over to your house and then sit on your porch or backyard and enjoy a bottle of wine with each other.

The list of romantic evening ideas is a little sparse when you can't be sure if your partner has been exposed to COVID, but that doesn't mean you two can't get together and share some drinks at your place. This is one of the few cute first-date ideas that you can confidently execute with your partner.

To get ready for this evening, you should think about some conversation topics, make your sitting area comfortable, and have everything you need to make your guest feel welcome. Now, if you are going to be drinking quite a bit, then you may want to have transportation set up for your partner or have a place for them to rest inside. Otherwise, you may wish to limit the amount of drinking you do and start early in the day.

There is no reason you cannot have a safe and fun dating experience with a nice bottle of wine, a few deck chairs, and the right weather.

Things to Do at Home on the First Date

First Date

If you and your partner have completed a quarantine or have negative COVID tests, then you can feel free to spend time inside your place or theirs. Then you still have to consider good first dates so you can have a wonderful time and keep your partner interested. Generally, there are two ways you can approach things to do at home on the first date. You can relax and enjoy each other's company, or you can be adventurous with each other. Consider the following ideas and see which one suits your needs and personality the best.

Watch your favorite films and TV shows

When you are considering fun things to do with your girlfriend, it's not always about trying to be flirty and frisky. Sometimes, you should just relax and bask in the moment of not being responsible for entertaining another individual or being on especially good behavior. The best way to do this is to watch your favorite films or TV shows with your partner. Several benefits exist for having a chill date like this:

  1. It's one of the fun "couple" things to do.
  2. You get to spend time near your partner.
  3. It's a great way to get insight into your partner's mentality.

Learn all about their favorite shows and their philosophy of life in the situations presented therein.

Make an interesting "couple" game

If you are a more adventurous type of person, then you should consider taking time to play some "couple" games with your partner. It's one of the best things to do at home with your boyfriend, too. Now, the sorts of games that you can take part in vary quite a bit. We'll show you several different games to play.

To start with, you could play a fun drinking game with your date. For example, some people will watch a show or movie and then come up with rules that will make someone have to drink. When watching How I Met Your Mother, you could drink every time Barney says something dirty. This game makes for a great way to have fun, get a little more relaxed, and enjoy your partner's company a little more.

You can also take a more literal approach to the gaming idea. More and more people are getting involved with video games in the present day. As such, you can find a game that you and your partner can play together. Beating a game together will make you feel closer since you accomplished something and proved that you are a reliable partner in the digital realm at least. Even if you are not much of a gamer on your own, playing games is great because it will get you invested in the hobbies of your partner.

Many other forms of games exist that you can play with your partner, too. If things are getting romantic, you can play all forms of guessing games and action-oriented ones, too. Just make sure to be safe in every way possible before getting too close.

Places to Go During the Quarantine Period

Places to Go During the Quarantine Period

The pandemic has had many unfortunate side effects on society. One of them is that most places where people would gather had to close down to prevent them from becoming a hotbed of infections. Yet, the flip side of this is also true. Some places around the world did not close but merely became much less populated than ever before. Even though we are returning to normal in parts of the world, it's still possible to visit some places without having to face such severe crowds. Take a look at some of these places to go during quarantine times.

  1. One of the best places to go on first dates is parks. You will find that so many people in the world are avoiding any kind of outside interaction, so you might have the entire place for you and your date. Have a nice picnic, get some exercise, and enjoy the open air.
  2. Another great place for you to go is the attractions in your local big city. Think about it: nobody is going to be in New York City or Paris unless they have to be. While you might not be able to go inside the Empire State Building, you can still visit many historical sites and find good places for first dates.
  3. Lastly, you should consider trying out small businesses that have remained open. Whether they are eateries or crafts shops, you can take part in a unique shopping experience and offer support to businesses in dire straits by taking your partner to a small business.

When you go on a date in times of pandemic, you will find that it's different but still enjoyable. Of course, you can only truly have fun when you spend time making sure you and your date are safe. Using all the ideas that we have established throughout this article, you will have multiple fun ways to spend time and grow your relationship without risking your health or that of people around you.

Author: Adam Williams

Author: Adam Williams

Adam Williams is a recognized dating and relationship expert. Working in the field of online dating and having a degree in Psychology, Adam was always interested in helping people with their relationships. He loves seeing happy couples and felling that he was the one to help them build their happiness. Adam is always happy to share his experience and running a blog on our website.