Online Flirt Rules of Seduction by Sexting


Online flirting that takes a serious and sexual tone is known as sexting. Often, this involves words and pictures to entice your partner, getting them excited for whatever is to come without getting too involved in everything. While the event sounds fun to many, the fact remains that you have to consider the unspoken and spoken rules that go into the process of sexting. We're going to examine these ideas here, so you know how to start sexting someone and getting positive results!

Flirting with Someone by Texting — How to Start

Before we get into the deeper parts of seduction and flirting, we have to set the ground rules that come with sexting. You can't log into a dating site and start sexting the first person you meet. You need some training in the art of seduction before you begin having fun. Now, we all know the answer to, "what is sexting?" Just in case you do not know, sexting is any kind of explicit messages sent via text or using a messenger program like those you would find on social media or dating sites. With that in mind, we're going to look at how to sext successfully by following several rules of text flirting.

Flirting with Someone by Texting

  1. Choose the Right Time

    The first rule you must abide by when sexting is that you should choose the right time. When you first start dating someone, the right time is often when you have been together for several weeks. Sure, if you're younger, you might move along quicker than some. Every couple is different, and you have to feel out the process, or you will end up making a fool of yourself.

  2. Start with a Compliment

    It all starts with a nice compliment. You can start out by telling her that her eyes are very emotive. Once she gets comfortable with you complimenting some mundane parts of her body, start talking about her body shape and how it makes you curious. Sexting is all about snowballing the conversation into something fun!

  3. Avoid Clichés

    Nobody likes the clichés in sexting, so avoid them. Avoid any talk that you would hear in an adult program. It's childish and shows that you know nothing about a relationship.

  4. Don't Be Disrespectful

    Another thing to remember is that you should never be disrespectful towards your partner. Do not force your partner into sexting, and don't initiate when your partner is not absolutely into it.

  5. Build Tension over Time

    Another rule to remember is that you should build tension over time. A nice tease or a small hint that you're flirting with your partner is all you need to start building up the tension. Before long, one of you will break down and be the first one to say something blatantly naughty.

  6. Be Funny

    You do not have to be serious about the whole flirting thing all the time. You can sext and still have fun. Integrate funny pictures, emojis, and double entendre to make your partner laugh while you work on getting them hot and bothered.

  7. Be Yourself

    Don't pretend to be some Lothario if that is not your personality. If you take a goofy approach to life, then be goofy with your flirting and sexting. If you're a serious, lovelorn person, then bring those feelings into your flirting.

  8. Don't Reply Too Late

    A lot of people leave their partner "on read" so they don't appear too needy. Forget about all that. When it comes to the topic of sexting, time is of the essence!

  9. Let Your Partner Consent to Any Pictures

    Do not randomly send pictures of anything private to your partner. Let them ask for it or consent to it. Otherwise, you come off as creepy to your partner.

  10. Remember to Have Fun

    Lastly, remember to have a good time with sexting. Flirting isn't serious all the time, and if you take an approach that doesn't leave room for fun, your flirting won't be successful.

Rules of Seduction by Text (and More) — Be Ready for Action

How do you start seducing someone, though? And, for that matter, what does seduce mean? These are two important questions. Seducing is the purposeful manner in which you get someone to gain an intense romantic feeling towards you. Sometimes this can turn into love, but mostly it turns into hot flirting.

Start with a Compliment

Since you know the rules of sexting, you have to learn the basic steps that govern seductive flirting. We are going to teach you how to flirt and send sexy text messages.

  1. Imagine You're on a Real Date

    First things first, you must imagine that you're on a date with someone. You need to behave yourself and act like a decent person. Remember, you're playing the long game and trying to get someone to like you.

  2. Use Pictures

    You have to send multiple forms of media. Regular pictures of yourself will build rapport and trust with your partner. Get them used to seeing your face so that the sexier forms of seduction aren't such a shock.

  3. Put a Lot of Effort into Your Pictures

    If you are going to send pictures, put effort into them. That means you should get the right lighting and pose before you snap. High-quality and low quantity beat the opposite every time.

  4. Be Careful with Sending Those Pictures

    Again, there is no need for you to jump into the deep end and start sending inappropriate pictures to your partner right away. There's time for that later. Get to know them first, or your pictures might just find their way to the Internet.

  5. Reveal Your Fantasies and Play with Them

    When you are getting to know your partner in a flirty sense, reveal some information to them. Let them know about the fantasies that you have for dating, and try to see if they match up with them or not.

  6. Ask What Is Happening in Your Partner's Mind

    Another key to seducing someone is letting them speak their mind. Ask your partner what they are thinking about, and you might just be surprised with what they say. More importantly, this will be a guideline for whether you should pick up speed or dial it back a bit.

  7. Be Spontaneous with Interactions

    You have to be spontaneous with questions, pictures, and texts. Send a funny pun when your crush's at work. Send something that will make your partner blush when you know they're with friends. Keep it fun!

  8. Integrate More Different Media

    You can't just rely on words and pictures alone to get the message across. Use voice mails and short videos to make the seduction hotter and better.

  9. Leave Them Wanting More

    Don't put everything out in the open. Leave your date wanting more. They'll want you to be explicit at some point, and that might just be the time to pull back and remember that this is all a fun game. The first person to say "let's get in bed" is the loser (but also the winner).

  10. Remember That Flirting is Give and Take

    Flirting is supposed to be mutual. Your partner needs to be as excited and forthcoming as you. If they're not, you might want to move on to someone eager to have fun with you.

    With this seduction guide in hand, you should be more than ready to make your sexting debut.

Features of Sexting

Now that you know the rules and how to flirt, you need to learn more specific elements of flirting. For one thing, you have to be prepared to flirt. That means you should build up a few nice pictures as we mentioned. You should also practice getting some sexual memes that can be used for laughs or somewhat serious forays into sexting. You need to keep updated on the basics of emojis and the meanings as it pertains to sexting, too. Sexting emojis can be used for shorthand, to describe something without words, and to give you an easy way to make your partner blush. You need to be ready for action by having these elements prepared in your flirting and sexting repertoire.

Relationships and Dating

There are many unique features of sexting that you must consider when getting involved in the fun. Specifically, you have to understand why people participate in sexting beyond trying to get their partner hot and bothered. Sexy texts are much more, and we're going to show you why people chat and flirt both in and outside of a relationship.

As a Fun Time-Spending

One of the many reasons that people take part in flirting is that it's a fun way to spend time. You go into chat rooms, find someone that seems to mesh well with you, and before you know it, there's a private message waiting for you. Sexting is fun because there is so much back and forth with it. You might be the person feeling hot and bothered, or your partner might be ready to invite you over because they want some company so bad. Some people are practically addicted to sexting because it's such a unique way to have fun with people without getting too involved.

As a Way to Know Your Match Better

Another reason that people enjoy sexting is that it's a great way to get to know someone better. One of the rules that we established early on in this article is that you should always ask questions of your partner to see what is on their mind. When you're enjoying some sexting texts, you really get to know what is going on inside of someone's head. The more time you spend online chatting, the better you get to understand the goals and aspirations that someone has for your romance.

Sexy texts are much more

As a Prelude to Relationships and Dating

When you're learning how to seduce a woman or a man, it is not always with the short-term intent that some people believe. A lot of people that are sexting someone are trying to find someone compatible with them. You can't just like the same things as another person and then hope that your relationship works well. You need to gauge your compatibility on many levels, including the sexual aspects of your relationship. As such, you must consider sexting a prelude to relationships and dating. Otherwise, you might find out too late that the sexual aspect of your new relationship is lackluster, and that can be damaging to a relationship.

When Being in a Relationship

Most people do not think about this, but sexting doesn't have to stop the moment that you cuff a date. When two people have been going out for a while, sexting can be a very fun way to keep things lively. Better yet, you tend to know the ins and outs of your partner's mind, so you can easily turn them on, tease them, and embarrass them in equal measures. A text message sent at work or while your partner is at dinner with their friends can make them want to come home and have some fun. That is the best part about being in a relationship with someone and sexting them—you're getting them riled up only to come home to you!


Learning the basics about sexting is going to put you on the path towards romantic success. While it can be hard to learn about how to get someone interested in you and how to avoid the pitfalls, the benefits are clear. Sexting is something that most people are doing these days, especially those looking for partners or already in relationships. With so many choices in how to send sexts and to relay their messages, people are in a great position to keep their partners ready for some hot action all day long.

Author: Adam Williams

Author: Adam Williams

Adam Williams is a recognized dating and relationship expert. Working in the field of online dating and having a degree in Psychology, Adam was always interested in helping people with their relationships. He loves seeing happy couples and felling that he was the one to help them build their happiness. Adam is always happy to share his experience and running a blog on our website.